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Q: Why should I re-key my locks and not just buy new locks?

The only time you would want to purchase new locks is if you are wanting a change aesthetically or because the lock is damaged.  Re-keying your lock ensures security from previous owners or renters without having to pay out the money for brand new locks. Re-keying changes the type of pin being used in conjunction with your new key, rendering the old key, or keys, useless. As the old saying goes 'If it ain't broke...'.

Q: What does it mean to have a chip key/transponder key?

To help prevent auto theft, auto companies engineered to have a chip embedded in your vehicle key that communicates with your vehicle and your vehicle only. The chip is usually embedded in the plastic head of your key, this is why you have never seen it. These keys are more expensive due to the security nature of the key. Beyond having a matching cut of the key to your car, the key must also be programmed to your vehicles computer in order for it to turn the vehicle on and keep it running.

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